Saturday, 1 October 2016

Liquid Lipstick First Impressions

Hey beauties!

I am about a year behind on the liquid lipstick bandwagon because I have really dry lips and I never thought in a million years that I could pull them off. Recently I have decided to give them a go as more and more brands are coming out with them and I was keen to test out different formulas. 

So today I have a few to show you from various brands and my initial impressions of them.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Fig

In a word, Love. The formula is fab and the colour is just so easy to wear on a daily basis. It has a light and creamy consistency and it is not transfer proof. The finish is in between a matte and a gloss and it is very comfortable to wear.

Stila Stay All Day in Patina and Beso

My second purchase of liquid lipstick was Stila Stay All Day in Patina. Oh My Goodness. The colour is just the perfect mauvy rosy pink. The consistency is moussey and the product does transfer slightly. It wears on the inside of the lips very evenly and is not drying. 

After using Patina for a few weeks I bought a red, Beso. I tested Beso the other night and wore it to dinner. It wore even better than Patina in my opinion and is such a great red for a night out. 

Hourglass Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Canvas

This is a wonderful liquid lipstick, a touch more drying than the Stila and Too Faced but the colour is extremely versatile for daily wear. As it is a more dry formula, it doesn't transfer as much as Stila or Too Faced. 

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Louvre Palace

The Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip is a product that I had such high hopes for, as it was touted to be long wearing and transfer free. I really wanted it to work but it is SO SO drying. I feel like it sucks the moisture out of my entire face and shows my lip lines like nothing else I have tried. This one is a pass for me, and this particular colour seems to be patchy and uneven. 

Dose of Colours Liquid Matte Lipstick in Pinky Promise, Stone, Merlot and Bare with Me

I recently received this in the mail and I can't really complain about these! The formula is quite comfortable to wear and wears evenly through a meal. Probably the best formula of the bunch, I am so glad to have picked up so many colours :)

Monday, 18 April 2016

Bean Boozled Challenge 2016 | Cindy Felicia

Hey guys, 

I have recently started my own youtube account - check out my latest vid and give it a thumbs up if its your thang.... ;)



Friday, 25 March 2016

March Favourites

Hi everybody! How are you all doing?

Today's post brings you a selection of my absolute favourites in March. I have been testing a few skincare items recently and I have been really enjoying the results.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment - AUD 163 (from for Aussies)
This baby is EXPENSIVE but I really do love it. It is a lactic acid treatment which helps to gently exfoliate the skin, resulting in a brighter, more even complexion. It has completely transformed my skin and it feels smoother and the hyperpigmentation from my acne problems is slowly going away. I use this in conjunction with the Luna treatment oil at night.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil - AUD 163
This oil is a strange one. It is blue for a start, and it is touted as a retinoid treatment (but very gentle). To be honest, it leaves my skin feeling quite greasy at night but then why do I care? I'm going to sleep LOL

Tatcha Pure Camellia Cleansing Oil - USD 48 (from because they deliver to Australia - yay!)
I am completely in love with the Tatcha cleansers. This is the best cleansing oil I have tried. It is better than Shu Uemura as it is much more light, and comparable to the Jurlique cleansing oil. Again, I use this with the Polished Rice Enzyme Powders and my skin feels completely and utterly clean.

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder - USD 65
This enzyme powder is the bomb. I don't even know why this works seeing as the enzyme only stays on the skin for 15 seconds but it does. It makes my skin feel clean and smooth and soft. I have tried the Green Tea, Indigo, and the Classic. I think I prefer the Indigo one out of the ones I have tried so far.

L'occitane Ultra Soft Cream Range (shop online here)
Moving away now from my face, I recently purchased some new body butters from L'occitane and I came across this limited edition range called Delice de Rose. I think this is my favourite scent I have ever tried from L'occitane and I am so sad they are discontinuing it :(

They will replace it with the Coueur de Rose (Rose Heart) scent so I will be keen to give that a go!
Can you see how soft that cream is from the photo below? It is a dream to apply and smells delectable.

Colette Cara Saddle Bag (shop online here)
I recently purchased a new bag from Colette. This bag is a bit of a dupe for the Chloe Georgia and I love it!

Pandora Remarkable Rabbit and Pink Enamel Primrose Clips (shop online
And just because it is Easter, I bought some new things from Pandora. They have a new charm called "Remarkable Rabbit" and I have always wanted a rabbit charm! I am born in the year of the rabbit and I bought this to represent myself haha. It is sandwiched between two pink enamel primrose silicone clips :)

The new pandora bracelet is superb. I love that there are no threads. I love that there are so many floral and enamel designs in the new Poetic Blooms collection and it is basically the collection of my dreams!! 


Saturday, 30 January 2016

A little tbsp of brilliance

HELLOOOO Everybody!!

We have been blessed with a ton of rain today so obviously I 1.) went to Port Beach for a swim, 2.) tried a new brunch place in Bayswater called tbsp and 3.) fell asleep on the couch after brunch watching The Magicians. Right-o. Productive weekend here I come...

tbsp has such good reviews online so my housemate and I were really excited to try it.

Firstly, the wait was massive. Between the start of the queue and us getting a table, I decided that I was getting two items on the menu. NOT PATIENT. SAH HUNGRY.

We were given menus as we were waiting outside so as soon we we had our table we ordered our brunch right away.
Damo picked the Quinoa Salad, while I went for the Congee, and the Beef Brisket. No asian fusion brunch is complete without some Matcha so we also ordered a Hot Matcha Latte and an Iced Matcha Latte with Matha Ice Cream. I like that they didn't give me strange looks when I ordered three dishes for two!

Hot Matcha Latte
My hot matcha latte was deliciously foamy and subtle in flavour. The only other place we go to for Matcha is Aliment (reviewed last week here), which offers a stronger matcha flavour with a dollop of honey at the bottom. I personally love both renditions - to me, picking one over the other is like being asked to pick your favourite child. WE DON'T DO THAT! >.< We love all Matcha. Matcha is the best. Matcha for Prime Minister.

Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Ice Cream

The iced matcha latte was delicious too but the obvious star was the matcha ice cream on top. It's not overly creamy and has a good matcha flavour without being bitter. 

The Quinoa salad looks very average when it came out but it tastes better than it looks. It comes with beetroot, some greens, cherry tomatoes, poached egg, orange-miso, char broccoli and quinoa at the bottom. As this wasn't my dish I only tried the greens, the broccoli, and the quinoa. I think the orange-miso is so delicious and goes really well with the greens and the broccoli. The rest of the dish was a bit blah looking and Damo commented that it was a bit on the dry side. Maybe a bit more orange-miso sauce, tbsp?

The congee is served with confit chicken, chicken crackling, some pickles, and a poached egg. I love congee for breakfast and was expecting a deliciously smooth, flavourful rice porridge to start my day. Unfortunately the congee was a bit underdone (I personally don't like to see the shape of rice grains in my congee, maybe I'm just a little weirdo asian). There isn't enough flavour in the congee itself either. The chicken confit was meh (needs more seasoning). The cracking was delicious however, and so were the pickles! Not a total fail :)

Finally, we have the beef brisket. OH MY LORD. Insert all the good adjectives here for this most delicious breakfast item. Beef Brisket, two slow cooked eggs (#eggporn), caramelised onion, MAGIC SAUCE, and ciabatta loaf. There is nothing on this plate I don't love. The ciabatta toast is the perfect accompaniment to this meaty dish - and I especially like that the toast isn't a thick slice. When I talk about a great meat to bread ratio - this is what I mean!!

After all of that - would I rate this brunch cafe? Absolutely. I think you just need to know what to order. I would come back again for that Beef Brisket - It is absolutely worth the drive. The prices are reasonable and the serving sizes are also quite large.

Lots of Love

Cindy xx

Monday, 25 January 2016

Happy Australia Day!!

Hello everybody and Happy Australia Day to you!

Its been a while since my last post and honestly, I don't know how I used to blog on a more regular basis. Anyway, today I thought I would chat a little bit about some of my favourite breakfast and brunch hangs because I LOVE FOOD.

Let's start with Aliment Cafe because I think it is one of the most underrated cafes for Brunch in Perth :-)

If you follow me on Insta, you will have noticed that I go to Aliment A LOT. I have tried most things on the menu and come regularly for the specials.

My housemates and I started going here when it just opened and we have been hooked ever since.

My old and faithful item on the menu is the Brunch Bruschetta. It has lashings of smashed avocado, feta, tomatoes and it is served with a poached egg (though I think they have upgraded it to two now), seeded sourdough, rocket and balsamic glaze. Now, this is SUPER delicious. Like, I could bathe in the balsamic glaze - it is my favourite sauce ever on a breakfast plate. It is the solution to my every problem. Got a zit? Put some BG on it. The feta is also really yum, but sometimes I wish it had less in it. I like my feta, but it can be overpowering. Apart from that, it is a 9/10 dish in my book!

Damo getting into his Brunch Bruschetta
The Green Bowl - a special item I wish they would bring back
I went in today for brunch with my housemate, Damo, and I tried the Omelette Special. It was basically a Spanish Omelette with chorizo, red onion, and mozarella with smashed avocado, potato skins, rocket and coriander on top. This was a bit of a letdown for me because combination of red onions and mozarella and chorizo made the omelette too heavy. I think it could do with a little bit more salt as well. Sorry Aliment - the potato skins were the best thing on here. It was well seasoned and deliciously crispy.

My skinny cap. Look at that generous sprinkling of chocolate!
Taking notes....

The Omelette Special
Aliment Cafe is located on 170 Railway Parade, West Leedervile.

Last weekend I visited the newly opened Odyssea Beach Cafe which is located at City Beach. I feel like I can't really give an in depth review or a hearty thumbs up as I have only been there once. However, I can wholeheartedly say that my Summer Bean Salad was one of the best brunch plates I have had in a while. It is not the healthiest option (the name is deceiving) but if you feel like a bit of an indulgence, order this!

Check out their full menu here!

Alright guys, hope you had fun reading my blurb. I hope to have more posts up soon on the beauty front. Stay tuned! Let me leave you with the most embarassing Snap I took in the year 2015. I mean seriously - what am I doing?

Lots of Love,
Cindy xx

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Best Beauty Finds - Tested and Tried by Yours Truly!

Best Hair Products (for sun damaged, dry hair and babes with scalp conditions)

Hello babes.

I've watched my hair descend into this gross, dry mess over the summer due to the fact that I have been going to the beach most weeks (sometimes twice a week!) and not really taking care of it.

In a state of panic, I bought everything I thought I needed to resurrect it and I think I may have just done it folks!!

Oh, Hello Hair!! This is a hydrating mask that has been touted to cure dryness and also helps with dandruff that can be caused by scalp conditions including dry skin, sensitivity to hair products, as well as skin conditions such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. It's a natural remedy for all of these conditions and best of all - its an Australian owned business :)

Lea Journo has some of the best hair products on the market. I strongly recommend the Revive French Plum Oil for instant hydration (two to three drops for long locks) or an overnight hydration boost (10 drops or more all over - then wrap hair in a towel). I have also tried the shampoo and conditioner. #amazeballs #seriously #listentome

Best Body Products

Frank Coffee Scrubs have me addicted. It is seriously so good and I particularly love it after a hard workout (the Peppermint flavour is so soothing on sore/tired muscles).

I have tried the original (my favourite scent), Peppermint and the Cocoa. I am not a huge fan of the cocoa but the scrub itself seems to be more gentle and may be the perfect scrub for sensitive skinned babes!

In terms of the benefits that Frank claims to offer - I have seen a definite reduction in acne spots on my face, and also a reduction on the appearance of stretch marks. It has only been a month and I am hopeful that I will see further results with continued use!

So, here's the deal: You scrub, leave on for 5-10 minutes, and follow up with a beauty oil. Frank has their own body balm which is also coffee scented/based (but if you don't want to smell like ground coffee all day you can totally follow up with your normal body lotion or a different body oil!)

My favourite (ever) body moisturiser is the L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate is the best in the market. Lightweight, hydrating and doesn't leave a residue.

Once you go L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate, you can't go back. You've been warned, babes!

xoxo Cindy

Friday, 1 May 2015

My Flash Trash-ing

I have been such a huge fan of Amber Atherton's fun and funky jewellery line since they started. The brand has gone through a major revamp recently and launched a new collection of charm bracelets.

You can opt for a gold bangle (brass metal plated with 2 microns of gold) or a friendship macrame type bracelet - both options have 11 graduated holes for you to mix and match and personalise your bracelet with charms to suit your mood!

Personally I LOVE charms and this jewellery line presents me with a new charm bracelet concept and #flashy #trashy charms I have never seen before. What ever she is calling it - I want them all on my arm!

If you want to join our #charmgang, shop the collection here. You know you want to!!